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How to keep HR data secure with Document Management Solutions

Ensure employee records and sensitive information is protected with the robust KCIM
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Document storage and cyber security risk go hand in hand. IBM reports that since hybrid work began in earnest, data breaches have been more expensive than ever before. Their report puts the current global average cost of a data breach at a whopping 4.35 million euros. For many SMEs, these significant expenses can lead to closure. Alternatively, if organizations manage to absorb the financial consequences, the loss of data is irreparable, while the reputational damage caused will have long-term consequences for the business.

Primarily within the HR department, the risk of data leakage is high due to the handling of confidential documents on a daily basis. And with many HR professionals still storing and managing sensitive personnel information in hundreds of folders on the corporate network or Windows File Manager, it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Invest in digital security tools Manual document management leaves plenty of room for mistakes and human error, which according to a study by IBM is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches. Not to mention that the mobility of the modern professional poses a major threat to file security as employees commute between domains or incorrectly store files in their personal workspace. Without a multi-layered approach to security, these files are easy targets for hackers.

It's crystal clear: HR departments need to invest in modern technology that will keep their employee records securely stored and easy to manage, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

Since 1959, Kyocera has designed its products to provide long-term quality solutions for customers. The current era requires solutions that enable flexible working and increase productivity while tightening security.

And leading industry figures agree. Josh Bersin, HR industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, says "HR and IT departments want something to help standardize these applications and bring them together." Introducing Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM), the latest security software that HR managers use to not only solve their problems, but attack them.

A centralized platform: HR professionals, wherever they work, need to access thousands of documents every day. According to Bersin, some professionals currently use around 120 different tools to manage their tasks. With KCIM, professionals only need one for document management! The software provides a centralized platform that users can access to upload, download and share their documents, grouping files securely in one place, regardless of format.

Standardized processes: HR professionals leveraging KCIM can quickly adopt the intuitive platform as users can customize how they work. Therefore, professionals can organize documents in a folder structure that is convenient and safe for browsing.

Password protection and encryption: While professionals can easily find digital and physical documents on the go, security is one of the hallmarks of Kyocera Cloud Information Manager. The platform stores documents on an encrypted server, where users can view documents when they present the correct credentials. For example, users must enter a password to enter the system. Otherwise, they cannot edit or view documents.

Cloud-based document management: Thanks to KCIM's intelligent cloud architecture, the solution can be quickly installed and any additional server costs can be removed. Additionally, having all your documents easily accessible from your browser avoids the problem of managing and storing personnel data on your organization's unprotected Windows file system.

Skyrocket productivity: With all documents stored in a standardized way under one roof, HR teams can work smarter, not harder. KCIM has a search-and-find style of document management, meaning professionals can quickly find thousands of files thanks to the Google-style search bar. On the other hand, additional paper processes used to store personnel information in a traditional filing cabinet are eliminated.

GDPR compliance: HR professionals handle sensitive data. The European Union and independent regulators are constantly tightening GDPR rules, and HR professionals must respond, putting pressure on professionals who must manage thousands of threads of data securely. "KCIM Takes Control of Information Management." The platform takes a multi-layered approach to security, protecting documents from prying eyes while allowing users to stay on top of the latest versions of business files.

KCIM makes it easy to store digital and physical documents. Professionals can continue to enjoy their newfound freedom with the comfort of knowing that their employees' data is securely stored in a central digital repository.

Take the step. You won't regret it.

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